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Noel Trevino

My focus is all about you - your joint health, fixing your imbalances and building your strength. I am here to partner with you on your health and fitness journey!


I use flexible dieting to help you meet your nutritional needs - it is the way to eat that allows you to be optimally successful. You can eat what you want in moderation, and lose weight simultaneously! 


Flexible dieting helps you create a healthy relationship with food and mentally sets you up to have a balanced diet. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to eat clean, do the Atkins diet, or the Paleo diet to be healthy. It is not what we are eating but how much we are eating that is making us healthy or unhealthy. Thus, the evidence-based approach allows us to enjoy life with family and friends and still made our weight-loss fitness goals! 



Joint health is something I consider a must-have for all of my clients that is important for your overall health and performance. I really like to focus on learning how to move better. If your joints aren't performing properly, then the body will eventually stop being completely functional like you want it to be when you're living your everyday life.


So, first things first, we get the joint stable so you can perform the way you need to! 



I focus on performance by building strength first. I strongly believe that if you focus on strength first, then all will follow. 

A program has to be geared towards your needs and your goals, it has to be individualized. That's my focus for you and that's what every client receives. 



I focus on improving imbalances simply because it allows the body to function properly. Muscle imbalances can cause a number of issues, so we focus on muscle symmetry to ensure that you have a balanced body. 

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