Celebrating the hundreds of people who transformed their lives with the help of my approach

I've helped many achieve their goals over the past few years and, let me tell you, these people are CHAMPS! Read on to find out a little more about people just like you who were looking for someone to help them reach their goals.


Anuar and I worked together for close to 4 months. We focused on building strength and building an healthy relationship with food. In just 4 short months that we worked together, we were able to get over 55 lbs of weight off his body. 


Hedi came to me with a goal just to lose weight. She lost 45 lbs and significantly increased her strength in 5 months. She owns and runs a business and raises two children,  so we set up a program to work with her demanding lifestyle. I am a big believer in working fitness into your life and not making it your life. 


Cindi came to me right after she graduated high school. We worked together roughly 4 months and she was able to lose over 30 lbs. Her biggest accomplishment was when I introduced her to compound movements which included: squat bench and deadlift. She entered her first powerlifting meet and walked away with a 275 lbs squat, 115 lbs bench and 295 lbs deadlift. 

Juan is a truck driver, so he is always on the road. We worked together for over 5 months and he lost a total of 65 lbs. During the process, we were able to work hard to help him gain a great amount of strength. Even though Juan was always driving his truck and didn't have much time for working out, flexible dieting allowed him to reach his goals. 


Elizabeth trained with me for around 4 months and did a fantastic job! She was able to work hard to lose over 35 lbs. She grasped the concept of dieting with ease which helped with her weight loss. Building strength was another of her amazing achievements during her journey with me.



Kaitlyn was one of the first clients that I applied my evidence-based approach with. We put in a good 10 months to lose 77 lbs, and not only did she get the body fat off, but she has kept it off. She has made such a great accomplishment in her weight-loss journey. 


Maria, in 4 months, lost a total of 22 lbs. I introduced her to flexible dieting and she gained a great understanding of what health really is all about!

Racquel lost 20 pounds in a short amount of time. She really learned what moderation is and established a healthy mindset and relationship with food. She had a hard time believing you could eat what you wanted at first, but when I taught her the science behind food, it gave her more peace of mind. Now she has a healthy mindset with food and balance with her gym life. 



Andrea is a nurse that works nights. She lost 15 lbs with flexible dieting and has increased all of her lifts! She was on a cross fit program and wasn't having very good success with it, so we built a program around her lifestyle. She is more successful than ever and is still coming in to make progress with her body composition and strength. She can now squat 215lbs , bench 95 lbs, and deadlift over 225 lbs. 


Aida, a weekend warrior! During her time with me, we managed to improve her body composition and help her gain speed and strength on the soccer field. I built a program around squat bench, overhead press, and deadlifts for her. She gained a tremendous amount of strength in her lower body which really benefited her in the soccer field!


She lost over 40 lbs in just a short 6 month period. She improved her strength and set a great foundation to continue her journey on her own. 

Floyd, my uncle, lives in Katy Texas. He was one of my first online clients. I built a training program, cardio, and meal program for him and he stuck to it and lost over 30 lbs. I connected with him daily! He was a joy to work with and one of the most motivated and positive people I have been around.